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Allinit, founded in 2003, has a successful experience in designing and developing hardware and software for the agro-food sector and strong know-how and reachable resources for asset tracking, indoor locations, and geolocation in the supply chain since 2007. It is a micro-enterprise qualified to focus on research and development of innovative solutions since its establishment. It has jointed successful research projects with the University of Salerno, Institute of Food Sciences of National Research Council (CNR), and privately held companies as the consultant or technology supplier. It has currently been financing a recent Ph.D. scholarship shared with the National Research Council (CNR) and has been investing in innovative sensor technologies, Internet of Things, Mobile-Edge Device applications, and GeoVisual Analytics and Big Data researches.

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With more than 20 years of experience creating innovative hardware and software solutions, we can offer our collaboration to realize a unique project.

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atag3 007


A-TAG3 family
atag3 807

Data Logger

A-TAG3 family
spectrometer device


Small Spectometer
B7 device


Small wristband
C10 device

SmartBadge BLE

Small BLE Badge
G1 device

BLE Gateway